3 Day and 2 Night: M'hamid to Douib dunes

M’Hamid / Bertham / Oued Naam / Outide / Hamada du Draâ / Dunes de Douib /

Day 1:
Set off from M’Hamid in morning with your guide, camels and camel handler.
Trek in the direction of the ancient Nomad camp of Bertham.
Stop for lunch and traditional Nomad tea in the shade of a Tamarix tree.
After lunch trek to Oued Naam and set up camp for the night.

Day 2:
After breakfast, set off in the direction of Outide, the ancient desert pathway taken by caravans crossing the Sahara, taking in the vast plateau of Hamada du Draâ.
Stop for lunch.
Set up camp before sunset.
Assist your guides in preparing traditional Nomadic ‘pain de sable’ – bread cooked in
a natural oven made under the sand.
Enjoy an evening of traditional Nomadic music around a camp fire.

Day 3:
After breakfast, set off in the direction of the M’Hamid Oasis.
Stop at the Douib Dunes – so named because they used to be home to desert wolves.
Stop at the ancient 6th century Kasbah of M’Hamid and learn about the history of its sub Saharan African inhabitants.
Return to M’Hamid.